Monday, 27 January 2014

Currently: Preparing for work

Packing my bag early because I always leave home without something. The train trip is about 20-25 minutes so I will be alternating between playing my 3DS, reading and talking to J. I also spent an hour or so making playlists in Spotify.

Keeping my essential makeup items in a small box in the office along with my mirror and hair straightener for saving time AND being able to get ready with aircon! Bonus goose butt, she's so fat haha.

We finally got around to putting on our new doona cover and cleaned the room!

Indi chilling before chewing up my iPhone cable while my playlists were syncing, thanks buttface.

I am really looking forward to starting work, I am probably annoying everyone going on about it but eeee work! I can buy makeup, and clothes and all the things again!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Summer Loves

Work starts on Tuesday which means I will be going through four very long weeks of training, which I am not looking forward to. To celebrate/mourn the end of my near two month holiday James took Tuesday off and we went to the beach. He must have been so excited because he didn't put much sunscreen on my back and I got nicely burnt.

This and getting a massive breakout due to my cleanser made me depend on the following items:

Picked up some items from Priceline including the Vaseline Aloe Fresh Gel which was good for soothing, as well as the Lush Dream Cream which was exactly what my back needed. I am now a nice patchy tan (ish) colour and amazingly haven't peeled. I also doused myself in some apple cider vinegar during the shower which is meant to help. It would have been more helpful if I left it on but the smell is horrible so no way.

The Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask helped greatly, with both my breakout and for my burnt skin. My face was slightly redder than usual but the peppermint in it was soothing and cooling which felt very nice. I quite liked the mask and you just leave it on, wiping off the excess and my skin was noticeably clearer after just one night. Not leaving the house meant not wearing makeup and the Kora Energising Citrus Spray was nice and refreshing. 

Are there any vital summer products you love?

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Books Books Books

I went through and did some blog housekeeping, deleting old posts etc. I found a post about my reading list for 2013 which made me laugh because out of the list I only finished one and the list has grown even larger since creating the list.

The book I read from the list was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the movie coming out later this year. The rest got pushed out of the way for wedding magazines, urgh.

Seeing the post made me decide to do some book organising. I like GoodReads but I wanted a catalogue of all the books I had too and that is how I found Delicious Library 3. It is available for Mac users and also comes with an iPhone app which you can use to scan your books! If I wasn't so impatient I would have waited a day so I could use an actual barcode scanner (and satisfy my dreams of being a librarian) but the iPhone app worked.

You scan the book and then it grabs the data from Amazon, if the book isn't on Amazon (I had some Australian copies with different ISBN) you just do a search and get it (so exactly like bookreads) and it puts it all into a neat library, similar looking to Newsstand. And for those interior designers, you can pick from 20 different types of woods for your shelf.

One scary thing it does with it's connection to Amazon is tell you how much it would cost to replace all your books and I am sorry but I just don't need to see how much money I have spent on books, as much as I love them. It's worse than my steam library. But it does put everything into a cool word cloud by author.

I have created a few shelves, so books I've read (60) and books to read (101...) and it also has recommendations which is nice. It's like a very pretty, for my own use, GoodReads. You can create a wishlist too, although mine is currently sitting in Book Depository for when I finally get some income!  

It probably seems like I am being paid or given free stuff to write this, but I assure you I am not! I have been wanting a library type program for a long time and could never find anything I liked but this is completely worth the $25! I can also export my library to XML or even straight to a website. It would be good if it had an iPhone app where it creates a list of all the books I have so if I am out shopping I can scan a book and it tells me if I have it (this would be for my mum, her mills and boons collection wouldn't be so large if you removed all the duplicates).

So I am happy with tonight's discovery, and will be making a list of books to start reading once I am back in the world of 'catching the train to work' people.

Oh, I also created a new GoodReads account after deleting my old one (trying to remove data from that was nearly as hard as deleting oneselves from Facebook) so add me :)


I haven't been sleeping much, okay well I have but not at the right time. My sleep time lately has been about 4am and then I wake up at roughly midday. After more than a month of this I went and got temazepam from the doctors which made me sleep for an hour and then I didn't sleep again until 7am. I went for the over the counter stuff, took double the dosage and slept for 12 hours so getting somewhere.

My sleeping needs to be fixed as I have one more week of being unemployed; which means I also needed some new clothes. I love the lace detail on this top, I got it and some others from ASOS.

Frozen raspberries in water is great. Tempted to get one of those bottles that has room to put in all fruit but I have enough water bottles. I might try freezing some limes/lemons into ice cubes.

We tried 5 days of ham and failed. Note to self - don't buy 1.5kg of ham for two people, especially when you can't bring yourself to eat another slice after only two days.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Wish List: Purchased!

I had started writing this post last night after my 2013 favourites and then today I went shopping and basically finished buying everything that was on there. I had reason to celebrate, I got the job I had gone for just before Christmas!! It's working in a bank call centre which is going to be a big change for me as all my experience is in helpdesks but I am looking forward to it. The position doesn't start until the end of January so I still have another month of holidays which is nice, I should probably finish my tafe though......

I recently worked out my skin is rather dehydrated, which isn't a surprise really as I don't drink enough water so on top of trying to drink more water I researched some products that will help my skin. I haven't had much luck with moisturisers in the past so I did a lot of reading of other blogs and on /r/SkinCareAddiction to learn more about my skin type and the products recommended and I came up with a list of products that should work with my skin. I was previously using Kora (by Miranda Kerr) but found it made me break out. Mum got me a cleanser from Bali which I found made my skin a bit tight but I've had nothing else so I ended up using it as I had nothing else and I wanted to do some good research before buying something else.

I am currently having La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluid Soothing Protective Non-Oily Emulsion and Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser And Make-Up Remover sent to me via StrawberryNET and then picked up some items while out shopping today (and getting an eyebrow wax, loooong overdue).

From The Body Shop I got Hemp Foot Protector as my feet are so dry it's gross, they are all cracking and ick. I have a slight aversion to feet which meant I wasn't moisturising them as much as I so the plan is to do some studying at the desk using my footspa and then having my lovely husband (please) rub the cream in. I got the Clarisonic Mia 2 a couple of days ago using a giftcard from Christmas and so far just sticking with the cleanser it came with. It's so easy to use and my skin feels great after. Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron is something I've seen quite a few places so picked it up, you put it on between cleansing and moisturising and it's to help lock in more moisture. I also got a The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment to make sure I wake up with nice smooth skin. I've used a few seaweed products and thought they were nice.

I'm not a fan of my hair, I find it only looks nice if I straighten it but as I wash my hair every morning it's something I don't have the patience for so I am hoping the Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist will add the body and texture to make it work without straightening it. My hair currently has a bit of wave to it so my goal is to go for a beach/bed hair look. I couldn't go past the smell of the Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel which was 50% off, even J was a fan. I am using a Sephora body wash I got free right now but will definitely be moving onto this.

Next to them is some cute stuff from Kikki K, a new phone case and a 2014 diary. I am looking forward to 2014, starting a new job is exactly what I need to try and make it the best year. No more stress about planning a wedding or buying a house will help!

What is your skin care regime? 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Favourite Makeup

I've recently been getting into makeup, it's where majority of my income went (when I had it) and I've been meaning to blog about it for a bit. I've started getting into a good daily routine with what I use and then I have products when I want a bit less or more. 

Deciding to do this at night wasn't the best idea as I couldn't get good photos that truly represented the colours but I got it as close as possible without natural light (or flash, yuck). Below are a few of my favourite and most used products.


Benefit The Porefessional - I bought this in Singapore after seeing it around a lot and I am a fan. I usually only put this on my nose, around my eyes and on my forehead as those are my problem spots. I then use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in Light everywhere else which is great for oil control and redness. On days I don't wear much makeup, or any I stick with Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-shine Mattifying Gel and all this does is suck up the oil and get rid of that horrible shine and it's great for days at home where I don't plan on wearing makeup but my skin just feels a bit ick.


It depends on how much coverage I want as to what I wear. On days where I want a light coverage I will use the Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream in 21 (Light Beige) which I also got from Singapore but luckily I have sourced places to buy it in Australia (or that ship to Australia). It is the best BB cream I have tried and I love the coverage, it is great for covering up redness and one thing I love about it is my skin won't be shiny at the end of the day. For a more stronger coverage such as interviews or going out (or just cause) I go to NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc (although now just looking at the bottle I realised this was Sheer Glow when I had actually wanted Sheer Matte but this actually works nicely with my skin so that is a bonus I guess) and for general day to day use I stick with Revlon Coverstay in Buff for Oily/Combination skin, it is perfect for day to day and the coverage is great.

Edit: Forgot to grab my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla which is great for those pesky blemishes.


I only just bought the Benefit Hello Flawless in Ivory (I don't know why it looks so orange there, I do find some of Benefit's products a tad orange but not this) and I loved the coverage and I think it would go perfect with the NARS foundation. For day to day use I stick with  Rimmel London Match Perfection in Transparent, it only has a slight pink pigmentation to it which can give a nice glow. I picked it up in an ASOS sale for under $5 and it's a favourite, I picked up the Sephora pressed powder but the smell of it puts me off a bit. I couldn't pass up the NARS Highliter in Albatross, it is a gorgeous colour and is so versatile with it's uses. I've tried a few blushes but I do love the Almay Smart Shade Blush in Pink, I've swatched it and other products below.


I haven't been wearing a lot of eye product lately as when at work I need to use eyedrops a lot but when I do the above is what I usually go with. I will do my brows at least (those are work in progress) and I usually stick with Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep which has a tiny brush and is so easy to use, sometimes I might use my NARS brow Gel, most of the time it just depends which I grab out but I do prefer Gimme Brow. Since I cannot use eyeliner for the life of me I will tightline my upper lids using Stilla Eyeshadow in Ebony and just turn it into a paste as you can see in the open pot. As many makeup kits have, I do love my Urban Decay Naked Palette which was another Singapore grab, the colours are lovely and I like the mix of shimmer and matte. Then to finish it all off is Covergirl's Clump Crusher in Very Black which I am a very big fan of. I have long thick eyelashes as it is and these really make my eyes pop.


It's taken a bit for me to start wearing lipstick but my collection is now every growing and to keep my lips nice and soft I love Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn. You just rub it into your lips then lick it off and enjoy the taste of popcorn. Then for colour my daily options are Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine, both are a nice shade of pink. I am channeling my teen years with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute, as I was a big fan of purple lipstick when I was younger and now I've found a shade that works for both satisfying my purple needs and not looking like the kid who raided her mums makeup drawer. 

L to R: Revlon Just Bitten, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, NARS Velvet Pencil, Stilla Eyeshadow, NARS Highlighter and Almay Blush.

Please excuse the swatch photo, it is my first one and trying to get good lighting was hard.

So there, this ended up being massive but it was fun writing about all my makeup. I was going to do a 'wish list' post but I think that can wait for another day!

What is your favourite makeup?

Saturday, 14 December 2013


December is usually a good month, it starts with my birthday and ends with Christmas and New Year. There is the heat problem but that is fixed with aircons being installed (come on Tuesday, shame it is at the END of the mini heatwave).

But 2013 has really let the team down, I am out of work and then this morning we got broken into.

I woke up a bit after 4am to James yelling (naked I might add, I have to point this out because I find the thought of him naked and yelling at people trying to steal our car the only funny thing in this whole story). Some douche canoe popped the flyscreen window and climbed over the couch came into our bedroom and took the keys to our new car (less than two weeks old) and J's wallet. I called the police and they came out pretty quick, did a quick drive around but couldn't find anyone so came back and grabbed some details.

While J was talking to the police on the phone (he saw them) it finally hit me they had been inside our house and that's when I thought to check the keys cause I wondered how they got in the car so quickly. It never occurred to me that they came into our bedroom and stood 1m from me while taking our stuff. They obviously wanted just the car as they could have spent an extra five seconds and taken our wedding rings which were sitting <1m away and my laptop which was next to the bed. They left the car keys for the old car and the house keys.

The guy also left this massive foot print (~30cm) on our couch

It's scary how someone can just come in and we didn't even notice. James only woke up when he heard a sound which he assumed was the cats climbing the flyscreen but it seems like it was the guy kicking the busted screen out of his way when he climbed back out the window. If he hadn't have woken up we would be missing a car right now. I haven't been back to sleep as I just don't feel comfortable sleeping right now.

We have since found out they used one of the credit cards (J couldn't get through to cancel it) but luckily for us they used it in a taxi which means the police will be able to get the number that called the company, pick up and drop off point and the most important is the photos from inside the taxi. I will be calling the company on Monday to see if I can speed it along (police can be slow). They also had a pretty expensive fare which hopefully means they aren't local so that helps calm my nerves as I doubt they will return and even if they do we used the old car to block in the new one so they can't take it and the locksmith is coming out tomorrow to change the locks.

Plan is to get some security lights installed, replace all the flyscreen with proper security windows and sleep with the roller shutters down which will mean dying of heat but it beats a recurrence.

So I wonder what else December will throw at us?