Tuesday, 14 April 2015

25 Week Update

How far along are you? 25 weeks.

Cravings: Other than all the food, all the time? Nothing...

Weight Gain: Averaging between 5-6kg.

Comments: None still, lucky antisocial hermit me.

Favorite moment this week: Baby kicking lots while the midwife was trying to measure the heart rate. It just made me laugh because the duck was making it hard to read with non stop kicks and wiggling.

Fears: I have to do my gestational diabetes test again which I am not happy about having to redo.

General mood: Getting excited! I've been feeling the kicks a lot and I am enjoying them now especially since J was able to feel too! Still a little creeped out seeing my stomach move with the kicks though.

Sleep: It's only been 5 weeks since my last update but I can safely say I miss sleeping. I am starting to wake up a bit more, mostly due to cramps and pains in my joints. Also the lil duck is big enough to object to me sleeping mostly on my stomach so I've been woken up by getting a painful kick a few times now.

Things I was surprised by: How maternal I am starting to get! I felt weirdly lonely a few days ago when there was no movement and it made me realise that even though I still can't picture myself being a parent or anything, that I am really looking forward to our munchkin!

Things I am most looking forward to: Not having the hip/pelvis pain, gahhh. Being able to roll over in bed without the pain.

What I think is really cool and crazy: Knowing what is going on inside of me, I can now tell the difference between kicks and just general movement and also kind of predict when a kick is going to happen.

Food Aversions: Nothing, I have NO aversions to food so please, feed me.

Maternity Clothes: I've started moving up to my bigger sizing, but since the baby has moved up a bit I've found myself back to fitting in my normal size leggings although when at home I find it easier to go sans pants.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Decluttering Life

While rambling on Twitter about the state of our house I was introduced to the KonMari Method, unfortunately with the way the Australian dollar is at the moment it seems quite expensive to get it but there are some good articles which sum it up here and here.I've slowly been going through the house decluttering (which is a nono according to KonMari, you should do everything at once but I would need to take lots of naps if that was going to happen). 

There are 3 bags of clothing waiting to be donated with one bag already in the bin. I hit my bookcase tonight and I was surprised at how easy it was to part with my books; between the books I culled tonight and all my cookbooks I've reduced my collection by nearly 100 books and we've gone from having 3 bookcases to just 1! I've been listing stuff online for sale and in about two weeks I have made a bit under $1500, with majority of the money going into a savings account for our lil duck. 

Having such active buy and sell groups as well as using Gumtree has made it easier because I now look at an object, decide if I want it or not and then think about the money I could get for it and it just makes it so much easier for part with. I even went through the DVD drawer today and after looking on eBay discovered Anime holds up it's value so that will also be listed soon.

The next thing will be our office which is the most important since in a few months we will be moving out of it so we can have it repainted and new carpets laid in preparation of it turning into the nursery. The best thing about this is we can finally move all the nursery furniture out of our loungeroom and into its proper room! Another great thing about Gumtree is picking up some great deals, we have so far saved $608 by buying the nursery furniture second hand. I hadn't planned on having things so soon but I had set up saved searches but then everything we wanted suddenly started coming up at great prices we couldn't resist. Babies are expensive so I will take all the savings we can get and I don't find myself saying no to things that I normally would so I am all for more cheap and free things!

I am all for decluttering now, not only is our house having more space and looking better we are making money to be later spent on a million and one different things for the spawn!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

21 Week Update

How far along are you? 21 weeks exactly

Cravings: A burger, specifically the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang from Johnny's Burgers. 

Weight Gain: 4kg or 8.8lb for my American Friends

Comments: None, we haven't really seen many friends lately and the clothing I've been wearing just makes you think 'fat or pregnant' so luckily no comments from complete strangers. 

Favorite moment this week: Using the doppler I bought to find the babies heart beat! I was pretty proud of myself and it was awesome just listening to the beat and also being able to hear movement (and kicks, thanks baby)

Fears: I am super paranoid of something happening, I feel like I am jinxing myself because we are buying stuff so early. 

General mood: Grumpy and hungry. Tiredness is starting to kick in now so I just feel drained all day which is in turn making me feel grouchy at everything. I am coping with things a bit better, although I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed when thinking about the different things we need for the baby. 

Sleep: Since upping my Vitamin D dosage I have been sleeping really well, I sleep through the whole night (not even waking up to pee) and I am rarely taking naps!

Things I was surprised by: Being kicked, and mostly how annoying it can become. I am only feeling the kicks while sitting down (so all the time) but they just don't stop until I get up and walk around a bit. 

Things I am most looking forward to: Being able to fit into shoes again. My feet are so swollen that even my birkenstocks are a bit tight on me so all I've been wearing are thongs or flats.

What I think is really cool and crazy: How much I've popped out the past week! Before I was just looking extra fat and slightly pregnant shaped if you looked closely but since last week it's like BAM and I am starting to feel pretty big.

Food Aversions: Nothing anymore, at the start some things made me feel queasy but I am going pretty good now. 

Maternity Clothes: I live in leggings anyway but they are even more appreciated right now. Just lots of big flowing tops and I am looking forward to the weather cooling down since I feel like I am running a few degrees hotter than usual.

Baby's Sex: It has one, we are keeping it a surprise. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Pregnancy Apps

I am 20 weeks pregnant today and I do have some notes jotted down for what I want to write but I found a cool app today and it made me think of pregnancy apps I have used.

Here are the ones I am currently using, come full term I will no doubt be downloading a contraction timer app!


This is my most used app, I grabbed it once I found out I was pregnant and it lives on my home page. It provides little updates throughout the day including things about changes to my body, how the baby is developing and tips on how to get through certain symptoms. The calendar function allows you to track appointments, milestones (feeling your first kick, or my favourite being unsolicited belly rub) symptoms etc. It also has a food safety and medication safety database so you can check everything beforehand.

Baby Name Together

This app is like the tinder for baby names. James and I each have an account and we swipe yes or no depending if we like the name and then we can look to see if we have any common picked names (we have one common name so far). I can also just see the names he has put as favourites. You can pick to view names from different regions or even biblical or mythogical if that is your thing. It is also separated into boy and girl names so you can keep two lists if you don't know what the gender of your baby is.


I only recently grabbed this app but it is perfect for someone like me who likes to plan. Since I am not working and I love researching we already have so much planned, we actually have half the nursery furniture (thanks to family and cheap gumtree buys) and then we know exactly what model we want to get for things like the cot and the pram. I have about four different lists now with newborn essentials and I feel like I need more lists because I function better if everything in my life is in lists. It also has creepy images of what the baby looks like, but the little facts on the images are interesting!

All apps are available on both the Apple and Google Play store!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hey There Baby

We recently found out I was pregnant, this was a big surprise (for me mostly). James had been telling me for weeks I was pregnant but I wouldn't listen to him and then after 3 days of wanting to puke at any smell I gave in and tested.... and now we are here.

Our lil duck is due at the end of July and sometimes I wish it was closer yet other days I wish it was further away. We are excited but neither of us know anything about babies and there is so much we need to prepare for. I know I still have so far to go but I feel like there is so much to do and organise!

The past few weeks have been a bit of a struggle for me but we think we may have solved that. I have a vitamin D deficiency and I stopped taking my tablets because I thought the new pregnancy vitamins would have enough in them but considering I've been struggling to get out of bed and nearly passing out in the shower from tiredness we are guessing it wasn't enough.

This is not something I thought would happen for another year or two. I have been looking forward to 2015 because I was really wanting to get back into full time work and hoping to build myself a career but everything has changed now. I do worry, and I feel bad because I haven't properly worked for a year which means my financial contributions to the house have been extremely minimal which isn't ideal when we've only had our mortgage for two years.

I don't plan on turning this into a whole pregnancy/baby blog but I figured I do now have something to blog about and I have missed blogging and interacting with the people I've met through blogging. I have met some awesome people through the pregnancy subreddits and enjoy chatting with them, plus they are teaching me so many things which is good because I am just utterly clueless at this stage.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Araluen Botanic Park

I've been inspired by Brianna to post my photos from Araluen Park, they were taking at the end of the tulip festival which is why some are dying or they look droopy.

Life has been casual. I've been working casually based as well as casually studying, and lately I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft because the new expansion is out.

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and I am having people around so I need to do a lot of cleaning to get the house and backyard ready. Also I decided to try and save money I would make desserts myself, I may regret this.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


When driving to phsyio I always see cows and horses in paddocks and wish I had my camera, so today I went on an adventure to go find some cows to photograph. I also saw quite a few pregnant goats which were massive, but sadly they wouldn't come close enough. The two horses were very curious while the cows got bored of me after a minute or two. I need to become friends with someone that has a farm.

The blog is having a complete overhaul, I will be focusing more on photos. The layout will probably change a few times until I settle on something I like.