Monday, 21 July 2014

Eat your heart out.... or don't, but if you do film it

Buying food on campus is pretty expensive, I paid $9 for a chicken schnitzel roll which wasn't that nice so I decided I should be prepared and take my lunch with me. I don't know if I can bring myself to use their microwave to heat food up so I am going to be checking to see if they have a large urn so I can take instant soup/noodles and will be taking cold food with me.

There are a few hot meals that I actually prefer cold so I will be making them on nights before class so I can take the leftovers and then will just be making rolls or boring salads. I normally always cook enough food so there is leftovers either for James or myself, normally me cause he can go buy cheap food for lunch but not working I am left to rely on the cupboards for meals.

Tomorrow for lunch I have pork schnitzel, pasta salad and just some normal salad mix. I love pork schnitzel cold, whenever mum would make it I would only eat a small piece for dinner and then eat the rest once it had been in the fridge for a few hours. I will also be having a small pack of honey tiny teddies because those are delicious.

Other meals I have planned are chicken enchiladas, mini ham quiche and homemade pizza because all of those I love eating the next day without heating them up. I think it's a nice change to taking rolls or just salad because it's a proper meal that I enjoy but I can eat it at any temperature. Being that I live so close to the tafe I can easily duck back home during lunch to have meals too, so that would be good for days I am craving egg sandwiches but don't want to subject fellow classmates to the lovely smell of eggs.

Breakfasts are a bit tricky for me as I have a bit of trouble eating when I first wake up, unless it's toast then I probably won't be interested but I am trying to limit my bread intake so I have stocked up on yogurt and fruit and will be making myself smoothies to drink as I walk to class. I also have some chocolate and vanilla protein powder to add in to get me through to lunch time. I haven't experienced with adding greens yet but baby steps. I really want to get one of the George Foreman Mix and Go blenders to save having to blend then pour it into another cup and wah extra dishes. We already have heaps of appliances but for $35 with good size cups, it's a future purchase.

And while I am here I will introduce our new cat (how many before I am a crazy cat lady? Does being married mean I won't ever be one... important questions) Poppy! We have been fostering her for a month, she came to us so shy spending the first night in her carrier refusing to leave and she has come so far but now I am way too attached to let her go. I always want to keep the foster kittens but she is just special and adorable and I am awfully attached so James has finally agreed we can keep her (I told him the day we got her she would stay with us forever). So now we have 3 (!!!) cats. Ooops.

We are going to officially adopt her this weekend :D

Back to School

It is nearly that time when all the Americans start posting their back to school haul posts and as a 24
year old I didn't expect I would be doing the same, and I'm not... kind of.

This is just kind of another update combined with stuff I find helps me going back to study (first time in like 7 years and yeah!

I am doing a combined Certificate 4 and Diploma in Information Technology, and will be possibly adding on a certificate in Project Management and I decided to do it on campus so maybe I will actually do the course load today.

Today was my first day and it was interesting to say the least. The lecturer we had is a substitute for the next 5 weeks and he was not prepared at all, he only got access to the course information today and I wasn't even able to access my notes etc until after I got home for the day so I spent the day just browsing Facebook and chatting with a classmate. Oh and trying to avoid this really weird guy, I swear they should make some people do a compulsory certificate in having some freaking social skills.

After I enrolled last month I of course had to go buy some stationery because you cant learn without 39874 pens and notebooks, fact. Is anyone else really weird when it comes to pens? I hold my pen funny so my writing depends on the pen so I always spend so long trying out the pens to get one I like.

This morning I woke up bright and early so I could actually put effort into my hair and makeup, hah! I got a new hair straightener yesterday and it's nice to not spend 10 minutes straightening one section over and over and over and over. I kept my look really simple like myself. I was going to take photos of the products but effort so have some stock photos, I can assure you they look nicer than my products with finger marks all over (COME ON NARS, maybe less matt black packaging).

1. My usual smashbox primer, this is my jam.
2. I picked up this BB cream from Chi Chi yesterday, in light and I was very impressed with it's coverage. I totally didn't look like a tomato with pores that look like golf ball dimples.
3. Usual powder in white as fuck
4. NARS brow gel in some dark brown, because even though I don't even bother with mascara I gotta do my brows.
5. Korres lip butter, although it was gone within minutes cause I then ate my breakfast and drank some tea.

And this post is getting super long so I will split my other stuff (the boring things, like meal planning and study ideas) into another post.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Melbourne v5

I've been to Melbourne about 5 or 6 times now, I am telling myself the next time will be to move. It is such a nice place, and everything is much cheaper. I love Perth, all our friends are here and it is beautiful but damn it is expensive. I paid less than $15 for breakfasts in Melbourne but you would be struggling to get the same quality for under $20 here, and it's a good thing I don't drink coffee because you're lucky to get a good coffee under $5. 

I had a great time though, and it was the holiday I need before I either go study for a year or get a full time work actually in the field I enjoy. Here are some photos, as usual food is a large part of them!

1. Huxtaburger
2. Dumplings from Hutong, my favourite dumpling bar.
3. Breakfast from Spiltmilk
4. Broccoli pizza from DOC

1. On the plane before departing from Perth
2. The Star, surprisingly running.
3. Obligatory Flinders Station photo
4. Rain, as usual.

I also did a bit of shopping in Melbourne which will be for another makeup related post. I just wanted to get my usual instagram photo dump up before it's too late and turns into a throw back Thursday post or whatever the kids calls them.

Friday, 9 May 2014

25 Facts About Me From James

I was browsing through blogs procrastinating today and ended up in a whirlpool of 25 facts about yourself, I figured I could do this but I got lost after 1 so I decided to ask J to come up with 25 facts about me.

1. You are a dinosaur.

He is struggling to even come up with another one here...

2. You am grouchy in the morning.
3. You ar a good cook.
4. You don't like spiders
5. You have exceptionally ticklish feet.

Every time I prompt him for another he sighs and says so many. Maybe he just doesn't know much about me?

6. You have lots of books about serial killers.

Thanks for painting a weird picture of me babe...

7. You like learning about makeup. (I asked if he wants to expand on that "You have a lot of makeup things, I don't even know what they are called").

"Why is there so much typing?"

8. It's really nice when you cuddle up to me with your head on my chest. (He didn't know if he should add that in. I am because it makes up for my serial killer books).
9. She can look at your SNR and tell you line length and sync rate. (It's actually looking at line attenuation, but hey we cant all be telecommunication geniuses).
10. You are very good at putting on a straight face and trolling people.
11. You have a CHOGM sign.

He is struggling here....

Apparently he doesn't need to know 25 facts about me because "you are just Stacey, don't need to cut you up into pieces".....

12. Your birthday is on Worlds AIDS Day which your brother never lets you forget. (December 1st, I want a pony you guys).
13. You have a Fennikin and like Pokemon. (Really stuggling here, there is a Fennikin plushy sitting next to me... and now he is telling me about how I got stuck in the water area one time while playing Pokemon.)
14. You really don't like driving
15. You didn't want Ghost to be dead in Call of Duty. (It still upsets me.)
16. From when you were a baby you've always had a cat.
17. You designed and made our wedding invitations.
18. You love Friends and I don't. (He will leave the room if I watch it, it's close to being a deal breaker).
19. You're shy.

He is trying to distract me with how cute Indi looks.
20. You don't like nature, it's not your friend.
21. You dance when you're cutting up chicken, the chicken dance... chicken chicken (And you don't?)
22. You like wearing scarves.
23. CAKE BOSS... It's not really a fact. (No, no it's not). Haha, you having dreams about cake boss. (Not counting!)
23. You nearly became a vet nurse.
24. You make scrunchy face in photos. (Our engagement photos are proof of this.)

25. You're my best friend.

Totally doesn't count, too mushy. NEW FACT

25. You think that your half of the bed is the top half and try to evict me. (Totally valid... )

So there, 25 facts or not so actually facts about me... Maybe I will finish my own post eventually but for now you can learn all these awesome things about me, as said by J.

Tell me something interesting about you, or get a friend or partner to come up with some facts about you and leave me the link!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Currently: Preparing for work

Packing my bag early because I always leave home without something. The train trip is about 20-25 minutes so I will be alternating between playing my 3DS, reading and talking to J. I also spent an hour or so making playlists in Spotify.

Keeping my essential makeup items in a small box in the office along with my mirror and hair straightener for saving time AND being able to get ready with aircon! Bonus goose butt, she's so fat haha.

We finally got around to putting on our new doona cover and cleaned the room!

Indi chilling before chewing up my iPhone cable while my playlists were syncing, thanks buttface.

I am really looking forward to starting work, I am probably annoying everyone going on about it but eeee work! I can buy makeup, and clothes and all the things again!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Summer Loves

Work starts on Tuesday which means I will be going through four very long weeks of training, which I am not looking forward to. To celebrate/mourn the end of my near two month holiday James took Tuesday off and we went to the beach. He must have been so excited because he didn't put much sunscreen on my back and I got nicely burnt.

This and getting a massive breakout due to my cleanser made me depend on the following items:

Picked up some items from Priceline including the Vaseline Aloe Fresh Gel which was good for soothing, as well as the Lush Dream Cream which was exactly what my back needed. I am now a nice patchy tan (ish) colour and amazingly haven't peeled. I also doused myself in some apple cider vinegar during the shower which is meant to help. It would have been more helpful if I left it on but the smell is horrible so no way.

The Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask helped greatly, with both my breakout and for my burnt skin. My face was slightly redder than usual but the peppermint in it was soothing and cooling which felt very nice. I quite liked the mask and you just leave it on, wiping off the excess and my skin was noticeably clearer after just one night. Not leaving the house meant not wearing makeup and the Kora Energising Citrus Spray was nice and refreshing. 

Are there any vital summer products you love?

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Books Books Books

I went through and did some blog housekeeping, deleting old posts etc. I found a post about my reading list for 2013 which made me laugh because out of the list I only finished one and the list has grown even larger since creating the list.

The book I read from the list was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the movie coming out later this year. The rest got pushed out of the way for wedding magazines, urgh.

Seeing the post made me decide to do some book organising. I like GoodReads but I wanted a catalogue of all the books I had too and that is how I found Delicious Library 3. It is available for Mac users and also comes with an iPhone app which you can use to scan your books! If I wasn't so impatient I would have waited a day so I could use an actual barcode scanner (and satisfy my dreams of being a librarian) but the iPhone app worked.

You scan the book and then it grabs the data from Amazon, if the book isn't on Amazon (I had some Australian copies with different ISBN) you just do a search and get it (so exactly like bookreads) and it puts it all into a neat library, similar looking to Newsstand. And for those interior designers, you can pick from 20 different types of woods for your shelf.

One scary thing it does with it's connection to Amazon is tell you how much it would cost to replace all your books and I am sorry but I just don't need to see how much money I have spent on books, as much as I love them. It's worse than my steam library. But it does put everything into a cool word cloud by author.

I have created a few shelves, so books I've read (60) and books to read (101...) and it also has recommendations which is nice. It's like a very pretty, for my own use, GoodReads. You can create a wishlist too, although mine is currently sitting in Book Depository for when I finally get some income!  

It probably seems like I am being paid or given free stuff to write this, but I assure you I am not! I have been wanting a library type program for a long time and could never find anything I liked but this is completely worth the $25! I can also export my library to XML or even straight to a website. It would be good if it had an iPhone app where it creates a list of all the books I have so if I am out shopping I can scan a book and it tells me if I have it (this would be for my mum, her mills and boons collection wouldn't be so large if you removed all the duplicates).

So I am happy with tonight's discovery, and will be making a list of books to start reading once I am back in the world of 'catching the train to work' people.

Oh, I also created a new GoodReads account after deleting my old one (trying to remove data from that was nearly as hard as deleting oneselves from Facebook) so add me :)