Saturday, 14 December 2013


December is usually a good month, it starts with my birthday and ends with Christmas and New Year. There is the heat problem but that is fixed with aircons being installed (come on Tuesday, shame it is at the END of the mini heatwave).

But 2013 has really let the team down, I am out of work and then this morning we got broken into.

I woke up a bit after 4am to James yelling (naked I might add, I have to point this out because I find the thought of him naked and yelling at people trying to steal our car the only funny thing in this whole story). Some douche canoe popped the flyscreen window and climbed over the couch came into our bedroom and took the keys to our new car (less than two weeks old) and J's wallet. I called the police and they came out pretty quick, did a quick drive around but couldn't find anyone so came back and grabbed some details.

While J was talking to the police on the phone (he saw them) it finally hit me they had been inside our house and that's when I thought to check the keys cause I wondered how they got in the car so quickly. It never occurred to me that they came into our bedroom and stood 1m from me while taking our stuff. They obviously wanted just the car as they could have spent an extra five seconds and taken our wedding rings which were sitting <1m away and my laptop which was next to the bed. They left the car keys for the old car and the house keys.

The guy also left this massive foot print (~30cm) on our couch

It's scary how someone can just come in and we didn't even notice. James only woke up when he heard a sound which he assumed was the cats climbing the flyscreen but it seems like it was the guy kicking the busted screen out of his way when he climbed back out the window. If he hadn't have woken up we would be missing a car right now. I haven't been back to sleep as I just don't feel comfortable sleeping right now.

We have since found out they used one of the credit cards (J couldn't get through to cancel it) but luckily for us they used it in a taxi which means the police will be able to get the number that called the company, pick up and drop off point and the most important is the photos from inside the taxi. I will be calling the company on Monday to see if I can speed it along (police can be slow). They also had a pretty expensive fare which hopefully means they aren't local so that helps calm my nerves as I doubt they will return and even if they do we used the old car to block in the new one so they can't take it and the locksmith is coming out tomorrow to change the locks.

Plan is to get some security lights installed, replace all the flyscreen with proper security windows and sleep with the roller shutters down which will mean dying of heat but it beats a recurrence.

So I wonder what else December will throw at us?


  1. Oh no. I am so sorry that happened. It's a horrible violation. I am so glad they didn't get your car and I really hope the leads from the taxi can give will get an arrest. Now clean that awful footprint from the couch (provided the police have any evidence they need) and do something to give your bedroom some good new vibes. I hope the rest of your December is wonderful and that 2014 is amazing.

    1. That is a great idea, tomorrow I am going to clean it completely and work out what I can do.. maybe buy a nice print or new doona cover for it. Thanks :D

  2. How scary! I'm glad you're OK though! Ugh. How horrible.