Sunday, 19 January 2014

Books Books Books

I went through and did some blog housekeeping, deleting old posts etc. I found a post about my reading list for 2013 which made me laugh because out of the list I only finished one and the list has grown even larger since creating the list.

The book I read from the list was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the movie coming out later this year. The rest got pushed out of the way for wedding magazines, urgh.

Seeing the post made me decide to do some book organising. I like GoodReads but I wanted a catalogue of all the books I had too and that is how I found Delicious Library 3. It is available for Mac users and also comes with an iPhone app which you can use to scan your books! If I wasn't so impatient I would have waited a day so I could use an actual barcode scanner (and satisfy my dreams of being a librarian) but the iPhone app worked.

You scan the book and then it grabs the data from Amazon, if the book isn't on Amazon (I had some Australian copies with different ISBN) you just do a search and get it (so exactly like bookreads) and it puts it all into a neat library, similar looking to Newsstand. And for those interior designers, you can pick from 20 different types of woods for your shelf.

One scary thing it does with it's connection to Amazon is tell you how much it would cost to replace all your books and I am sorry but I just don't need to see how much money I have spent on books, as much as I love them. It's worse than my steam library. But it does put everything into a cool word cloud by author.

I have created a few shelves, so books I've read (60) and books to read (101...) and it also has recommendations which is nice. It's like a very pretty, for my own use, GoodReads. You can create a wishlist too, although mine is currently sitting in Book Depository for when I finally get some income!  

It probably seems like I am being paid or given free stuff to write this, but I assure you I am not! I have been wanting a library type program for a long time and could never find anything I liked but this is completely worth the $25! I can also export my library to XML or even straight to a website. It would be good if it had an iPhone app where it creates a list of all the books I have so if I am out shopping I can scan a book and it tells me if I have it (this would be for my mum, her mills and boons collection wouldn't be so large if you removed all the duplicates).

So I am happy with tonight's discovery, and will be making a list of books to start reading once I am back in the world of 'catching the train to work' people.

Oh, I also created a new GoodReads account after deleting my old one (trying to remove data from that was nearly as hard as deleting oneselves from Facebook) so add me :)


  1. I really need to get back into reading. I love reading! I love books! I really need to make it a priority for 2014.

    1. Me too! I have a shelf on my physical bookcase for books I REALLY want to read, only one book has been removed but so many added >_<

  2. I got back into reading this year. I'm so happy. I'd love to do a virtual shelf of all the books I've read. And then a wish list one x