Sunday, 19 January 2014


I haven't been sleeping much, okay well I have but not at the right time. My sleep time lately has been about 4am and then I wake up at roughly midday. After more than a month of this I went and got temazepam from the doctors which made me sleep for an hour and then I didn't sleep again until 7am. I went for the over the counter stuff, took double the dosage and slept for 12 hours so getting somewhere.

My sleeping needs to be fixed as I have one more week of being unemployed; which means I also needed some new clothes. I love the lace detail on this top, I got it and some others from ASOS.

Frozen raspberries in water is great. Tempted to get one of those bottles that has room to put in all fruit but I have enough water bottles. I might try freezing some limes/lemons into ice cubes.

We tried 5 days of ham and failed. Note to self - don't buy 1.5kg of ham for two people, especially when you can't bring yourself to eat another slice after only two days.


  1. This sucks! I would hate not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep =( I hope you are able to get some real sleep soon!

    I don't think I could eat ham for 5 days either. I love ham but it would be hard to eat it every day.

    1. Slowly getting there, it's hard. I think I am going to be relying on red bull for the first week of work