Monday, 6 July 2015


We finally got around to finishing the nursery! We had a lot of drama with getting it painted as the walls are in pretty bad condition but they are painted and just super fragile (already made a boo boo with them). We aren't to hang anything from them, even using hooks or blu tac and the paint will just chip off so it has made it a bit plain decoration wise but I am still really happy with how the room turned out.

Onward to photos while everything is neat and organised.

This is a little nook section we have in our living room. Since finding out I was pregnant I decided it would make a great little play area for the duck, easy to block off and will hopefully contain the mess to one area (right? lol). Since at the start the baby will be in our room I figured it would be easier if there was a changing/feeding station closer to the bedroom and in an area we would be majority of the time (plus it just won't fit in the nursery, I didn't realise how big everything was once put together). And this way I can watch Netflix from the comfort of my glider, priorities.

Here is the view into the nursery when you stand at the door. I love the mint wall, it is exactly how I wanted it to be and the best part is we have heaps of paint left over in both colours. The white boxes at the moment just have a spare pram blanket and also the baby carriers. The foxy man to the right is full of toys/plushies (so many already, really need to send out a PSA on not to buy more of those) and then the wire basket to the left just has random blankets that my cousin gave to us.

I got this cot from gumtree for $200 which is half price, it also included a bumper but I am all safety first so don't plan on using it anytime soon. We were given the dinosaur pillows as part of a wedding present, I love them and figured they would fit perfect with the non-themed room and what baby wouldn't love dinosaurs?

The chest of drawers (IKEA, duh) is full of clothing, bedding and towels. I love organising things so obviously I bought about 50 different storage boxes from IKEA to put everything in. I don't know if I will keep everything how it is, I really don't know how everything should be but for the time being it's all neatly put away and I know where to find everything but no doubt a lot of it will be reorganised, especially to make getting up at 3am a bit easier for me.

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