Monday, 31 August 2015

Riley Vera

Riley Vera; born August 5 at 12:50am; 3515g; 50cm long; perfect.

Considering I had a relatively easy start and middle pregnancy the end was a complete rollercoaster. It all started at 36w when a routine appointment discovered my blood pressure had risen from a normal 125/75 to 180/90 which can be a sign of preeclampsia. Straight away my doctor started talking about an induction and I was sent off to the maternal fetal assessment unit (MFAU) to have myself and the baby monitored as well as a number of blood tests. I stayed over night and they concluded I did not have preeclampsia but pregnancy induced hypertension, and the only cure for it is to give birth but because I was otherwise healthy and there was no sign that my BP was affecting the baby they decided they would monitor me closely and try to keep me pregnant a bit longer.

Over the next three weeks I went to the hospital twice a week for appointments, tests and monitoring; sometimes more as I had another two overnight stays during this time. Once I got to 39w they decided it was time to induce me, my blood pressure was still high and I was considered full term so they figured it was a good time. My body had a different idea and the induction failed, after a very painful and uncomfortable 18 hours. After a lot of tears, anxiety drugs, yelling and begging the doctors let me go home for a few days before they attempted a different method of induction. This second method also failed, at this point a very nice consultant decided it was time to listen to my body and just let me keep progressing with the pregnancy to see if it would kick start labour itself. They agreed to give me until 41w before attempting another induction.

At my 41w appointment my body had not progressed any further so I was admitted again for my third attempt, 12 hours of induction and there was still no progression but they went and ahead and broke my waters because at this point they wanted the baby out. I was given a hormone to bring on contractions which worked, a little too well... I had contractions 2 minutes apart with her spine against my spine for over 15 hours. My original plan had been to wait until I was in active labour before getting an epidural but after an hour of back labour I caved and had one placed. The rest of the day was relatively uneventful, I did require a few top ups of the epidural as I kept forgetting to top it up myself and it would wear off. Not long after 11pm they examined me again and discovered I had still not progressed enough and there had been a few declines in the babies heartrate and I wasn't doing too well either so it was time for an emergency c-section.

After being given time to process this, sign consent and get prepped I was wheeled up to theatre ward where I was given a biiig topup for my epidural so I wouldn't feel any pain and then taken into the theatre room. James was scrubbed up and bought in to sit next to me. By this point I had been given so many different drugs I was very out of it, but I did keep reminding myself to try and talk during the procedure as I just remember I was worried James might have thought I died or something as I couldn't open my eyes. The c-section was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, I could feel everything that was going on but it didn't hurt, there was just a lot of tugging and pressure happening but I couldn't move my body, I could hardly move my arms at that point.

Riley was born at 12:50am, she was still covered in vernix and it was about a minute before she cried. They cleaned her off, wrapped her up and handed her to James who bought her over to me. I wasn't able to hold her until I got moved to recovery but I was able to look at her and talk to James while he held her.

My recovery was just as eventful as the birth, but that can wait for another time. More pictures, just because.


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  1. She's so adorable! It doesn't matter how babies get here as long as they get here lol. Birth never goes like you plan! The body has a mind of its own =)
    Congratulations again!!!