Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Things I never expected from childbirth and raising a child

1. How quickly you can change your mind about wanting an epidural
2. That hospitals think it's perfectly okay to do construction in the room next to a new mother with an 8 hour old baby
3. Bed sores....
4. That nursing with a bad latch can hurt more than labour itself
5. Losing complete sensation of your bladder is possible after childbirth, especially if you get an epidural and a catheter
6. You will have to measure your urine output to make sure your bladder is still working
7. If you a caesarean you can forget about bending over which means your lovely partner will have to measure your urine output for you
8. If you don't eat your hospital dinner within 45 minutes they will take it off you and sucks to be you, no dinner
9. You can go days, up to a fortnight with only a few hours sleep, especially when you're taking tramadol
10. Side effects of this may include not knowing where you are or who your husband is
11. You can also lose feeling throughout your body
12. This may make you think you're dying so you pace back and forward in your bedroom at 3am     hysterical because you're going to die
13. Blood.... so much blood
14. It is actually pretty easy to sleep through a baby crying if you're tired enough
15. Hating your partner is actually normal
16. Inductions don't always work... nor do your second or third inductions
17. Baby bodily functions can be quite funny
18. And really gross
19. A little baby puke on the bed won't stop you from going to sleep in it
20. It doesn't take long to get over the whole fragile baby thing, within a week you will be able to hold them one handed while bending over to find a burp cloth quickly

and they can be cute

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  1. I can't believe they would stick you in a room next to construction going on! Having kids showed me how much my husband loved me lol I mean only someone who really loves you would stick around with all the after baby bodily grossness...right? I honestly think all the stuff that happens to your body while you're recovering is so much worse than the actual labor itself. SO much gross stuff happens!!!! It's painful AND you have to take care of the baby too!
    Your daughter is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! I know she makes up for all of it =)